Emmaüs World Assembly 2021-2022

Temps 2 - Monday, May 9 to Friday, May 13
Piriapolis & Montevideo, Uruguay

Welcome to the Emmaüs World Assembly website. You will find here all the information needed to register and organise the travel of your group. 

The second part of the 2021-2022 World Assembly is composed of three main moments :

  •           An Ordinary General Assembly from 9 - 12 May 2022;

  •           An Extraordinary General Assembly, on 11 May 2022;

  •           A public event and visits on 13 May 2022.

The stakes are high given than it includes voting on the movement’s 2021-2025 guidelines, based on the initial proposals presented during the virtual General Assembly in 2021. We are also planning to hold debates on internal issues related to the life of our movement, such as the statutory amendments that will be subject to the vote during the Extraordinary General Assembly, along with internal and external issues that affect our international movement. These include environmental, economic, social and democratic challenges that are looming today, the responses that we can develop collectively, and the preservation of our common base of values, principles and practices which, since the beginning, have made our movement strong and unique (community, work, welcome, self-sufficiency, solidarity, awareness-raising, co-construction particularly with the most excluded).

Quick overview of the WA :

📍          Piriapolis and Montevideo, Uruguay

📅        From the Monday 9 until Friday 13 of May

🔖        Unique registration fee : 600€ (accommodation, meals, local transport)

             The registration will be opened from 18 February - 4 April 2022

✈️        1 round-trip flight ticket per group covered by Emmaüs International for full and trial members

              A 2nd ticket per group can be requested under certain conditions for eligibility

🤝        Emmaüs International encourage a high-level of attendance from groups

  • VISA facilitation and flight booking

  • Additional financial aid for groups with financial difficulties, 

  • Additional financial aid for groups projecting to send compagnions and new generations to the WA

🗳️         Only full members have voting rights. All member groups must be up to date with their subscription payments

✉️         If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at assembleemondiale@emmaus-international.org